Brokerage Event – 22/06/2023, Brussels

We are glad to invite you to the Brokerage Event!

After almost three years of work, the AgroFossilFree project, a member of ou Alliance has nearly come to an end and has achieved the envisioned targets. The main objective of AgroFossilFree was to pave the way towards the de-fossilisation of EU agriculture by decreasing the dependency on fossil energy, while maintaining the yield and quality of the final product and reducing the environmental impact. A framework has been created to help bridge the gap between the available novel solutions (Fossil-Energy-Free Technologies and Strategies) – whether commercial or applicable research results – and everyday European farming practices.

The published AgEnergy Platform with more than 1500 entries on innovative techniques, ongoing research and material that in many cases is already available for farmers to use in their fields to produce green energy or save energy. Greater collaboration has been achieved in this regard by encouraging the effective exchange of novel ideas and information between research, industry, extension services and the farming community. However, new policies based on the EU’s “Farm to Fork” strategy and Green Deal must also consider all the progress already achieved.

The Brokerage Event is an opportunity to present the results that AgroFossilFree has obtained over the last 33 months.

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